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Test++, the conformance and validation test suite for C++ compilers

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Jt++, the conformance and validation test suite for Java vendors

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Opt++, the optimization testing suite for C++ compilers

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    Welcome to Modena Software.

Modena's C++ and Java language Test Suites are used by most major compiler and systems vendors worldwide. Besides conformance and validation test suites, Modena also develops test suites geared towards C++ compiler performance testing.

Lib++™, the Modena C++ Standard library is available on several platforms. Contact us today for details.

Java validation – Modena is the world leader in Java testing. Jt++™ , the Modena Java test suite, is used by all major Java vendors including Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Symantec, Asymetrix, HP and others. Jt++™ version 7.0 shipped in March 2015 , and contains tests for JLS 1.6.

C++ standard library – Lib++, has been updated to conform to the final ISO C++ standard. Lib++™ has been licensed by several major compiler vendors.

C++ compiler validation – Modena's Test++™ suite is the premier C++ compiler validation suite on the market today, used by all major C++ compiler vendors. Test++ 14.0 shipped in March 2013.

C++ compiler performance testing – Modena's Opt++™ suite is the first and only test suite in the world designed specifically to test C++ compiler optimizers. Call for an evaluation today.